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Name:Spencer Leon Marcus
Birthdate:Jan 13
Location:Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Spencer Leon Marcus was born and raised in Austin, Texas, and is one of six children born to pacifist and anti-war activist parents, Carl and Anna Marcus, who were every bit hippies in their own right during the Vietnam conflict, which they both passionately opposed. Spencer is an identical twin to brother, Mitchell, but they were different from the get-go. Mitchell was always a peaceful guy, just sort of breezing through things without caring too much about them, whereas Spencer was a loud, rowdy extrovert who wanted to grow up and be a rockstar. Their slightly older brother, Benjamin (or just Ben, as he preferred), was the one who went against their parents' cause and wanted to join the military from a very young age... much to their parents' horror. It would be their parents' beliefs that would ultimately come to be a massive risk for Mitchell and what would lie in his future for his family.

After the Ben and the twins, three sisters for them followed, and Ben was the only one who had any interest in the military. Their parents and sisters hated war and conflict, but Mitch and Spencer was more just a fence-sitters. Spencer, because he pretty much didn't car either way, and Mitch, because didn't like conflict in general. He hated the idea of his brother going away to war, but at the same time, he wasn't the sort of guy to jump in the way of anyone's ambitions, which was ironic considering it took him a long time to gain any momentum in his own ambition for life. He breezed through school, getting adequate grades, never really enjoying sport, and just did what he had to do. He definitely had the peace, love and freedom frame of mind, that probably did infuriate Ben occasionally because Mitch's casual wander through life could easily be mistaken for blasé laziness. In reality, very little bothered him and he was content in his life. He was happy to let Spencer be the gregarious one.

Spencer wasn't happy when Mitch decided to up and move to New York with his boyfriend, Guy Palmer. He dealt with his anger by giving Mitch the silent treatment, and buried his nose into a music. He joined a wayward punk rock band who had a less than savoury reputation, but he didn't tell his family that. As a result of his anger at Mitch, they never said goodbye when Mitch left, and it would prove to be the catalyst of Spencer's path of destruction.

One night in New York, Mitch just disappeared without a trace, not taking any of his belongings or cell phone, and within two weeks, he was declared an official Missing Person. A month later, the police dared to throw around the label of 'presumed dead' and his family, along with Guy (but sans Ben, who was deployed to Afghanistan) held a memorial service for him back in Austin. Spencer didn't attend. With Mitch going missing, Spencer went completely off the rails, hitting drugs and booze hard. When he got to the point of no return and was stealing off their parents and threatening violence, they had to cut him off. No one ever saw or hear from Spencer again.

Despite the fact his family believed he got in way too deep, probably killing himself with an overdose, or meeting a much worse fate, Spencer didn't die. He probably should have, he got himself so fucked up after Mitch went missing. With Mitch always being the peacekeeper, Spencer couldn't cope without him and went off the rails when he convinced himself Mitch was murdered and he would never see him again. He sunk into a very dark place, and ended up based in Las Vegas, where he was met with a fate of heavy drugs, heavy booze, and hooking to pay for the habit. If there was some seedy and shady that could be done, Spencer had probably done it times over. He never had any intentions of contacting his family again, feeling betrayed when they cut him off when in reality, he had been crying out for help losing his twin.

But he was too stubborn and headstrong, and his drug habit didn't help that. His personality morphed into something his family would never recognise anyway. He had a few near-miss overdoses, but it was only when he had a complete psychotic episode from the effects of ICE, overdosed and ran in front of a car did he get a wake-up call. It was by sheer dumb luck he woke up, and when he did, he woke up to no one or nothing. He got arrested for possession of a small amount he had left in his pocket, and did time when he was released from hospital, where he had been under police guard the whole time. It was only when he tried to get in touch with a friend back home in Texas because he desperately needed help did he find out that Mitch was alive. Spencer knew then his only hope for survival through all this awful stuff he had done was to find his twin.

Before nearly killing himself, however, Spencer had had been paid to take part in an threeway by his pimp with a voyeurism fetish who had come across a pretty boy off his face in Vegas. It wasn't like he was the most respectable hooker in the city, and he was trashed anyway. It was bareback, another dumbfuck mistake he made. The pretty boy turned out to be from New York, and according to his ID, was called Zed Blaze, and it all went horrifically wrong when the pain in the ass with the weak constitution passed and out started choking on his own vomit. Because his pimp still wanted payment for services rendered, he left both Spencer and one of Spencer's hooker colleagues, Lacy, at the hospital to collect once the guy regained consciousness. Unfortunately, he regained consciousness with a positive rapid HIV test, and Spencer freaked the fuck out and bolted.

Spooked by the encounter, he got himself a HIV test himself, and it turned up Positive. He wanted to convince himself it was him that caught it off the guy, and not vice-versa, but his medical results indicated the virus wasn't new in his system. He hadn't even known he had been Positive, and he went and infected some other poor sod down on his luck. That was what had him hitting the ice that caused him to think running in front of a car was a good idea. He was lucky he wasn't left brain-injured. Fucked in the head, yes, but he could no longer blame his fucked up choices on anyone but himself.

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